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Culture means people living together, establishing relationships with each other with respect respecting the younger respecting the older and prayers among people are also a source of separation.  Love is born in man and brotherhood is born and compassion grows, so the people of the village have a lot of love and compassion they love each other very much because they like to live together and love each other.  Share in the grief. If there is no love in a person then he is useless. polynesian cultural center If he does not know how to respect someone then what is his life? Village life is a civilized life in which people live together and work for each other.  And refreshes the memory of the old people as the old people had a lot of love and compassion in their way of living with each other, they were getting along with each other. Testing trending fashion hacks to see if they work

Characteristics of Culture

It is important to understand the fact that culture does not allow us to be isolated from others. It brings people together. They become closer to others by socially interacting with them. Testing trending fashion hacks to see if they work Culture is something that we all sit does not belong to a specific individual. CULTURE This would include, morals, values, traditions, etc. It is capable of transferring from one generation to another. It is a continuous process that keeps moving forward. Additionally, it adapts to the new changes according to the time and circumstances.

Types of culture

Cultural is very integral part of our lives. It is very important part of our lives. It is not something people are lived with.Some of cultural mentioned below. Cultural king means that are peoples the age of ancient people is also called the king of culture because they kept the culture and interacted with each other with respect to each other very well.

ART Means Dance  Music Painting

  • DANCE. Dance is one of the village or town’s means of celebration in which people dance to express their happiness on marriage and join in with their loved ones.  There are many people who do dance etc. Dance is a tradition according to Islamic method this dance is forbidden but nowadays people have started this trend and they dance a lot on us on marriage but those who dance express their happiness.  Do and people share happiness with people.
  • Music means the songs that people used to sing to each other in the olden days. They used to sing with very good voices. At that time it was not music etc. But now there are many musical situations like bonsai piano.  And other situations that people use today and today’s singers also use these situations to make their songs famous. Villagers love songs very much. cultural appropriation Some songs make hearts happy and soothe hearts like old songs but now new songs are just for boring so songs should be listened well.
  • A painting is a picture made by hands that painters make with their hands. It can be any kind of pattern or a picture of a person. They paint with their hands and inspire people and people like them.  They are very inspired by the artistry that they create and amaze people. Painting can only be done by the artist and no ordinary person can do it. This is their talent.

 Literature means Story Drama and Poetry etc

  • STORY. A story means something made up by oneself, which people used to recite at night to entertain children in the old days, grandmother, grandfather, grandmother, grandfather, etc.  After finishing, all the members of the same house used to gather together and one of them used to tell a story to everyone.  One assesses the situation, examines one’s situation and the stories are also of some other kind that people do not like to listen to them.
  • Drama means entertainment for people who are busy with their work and work all day long, this is a source of differentiation for them. Plays are a source of entertainment. Plays are written by playwrights. They use their minds to create such comprehensive ones that people like and watch with interest.  Habs it is a source of entertainment for people they spend all their time watching dramas and keep their mind.
  • Poetry means that the people who do not describe their desires as rhyme are very worthy because they are using poetry using their minds, it is very important to be interested in poetry because the poetry takes a lot of poets, some poets are Very deep deep words that they can not understand the common person and helps them to understand others, some poets are also that they offer comedy in front of people and people like their poetry and they are in exchange for their poetry. The famous poets have passed in many countries, including a very popular poet, Allama Mohammad Iqbal Rahmatullah . who made every kind of poetry awareness in Muslims. And mirza ghalib and meer taqi meer and the other Punjabi poeters are baba bullay shah, sultan baho, etc.

SIGINIFICANCE OF CULTURE. Cultural is very important part of human life specially for the villagers. Villagers have wide culture and they lives in a mud  house. Villagers have very small house. They live in a simples houses. But many peoples have very big and strong house and live very peaceful life. merriam-webster Small children’s are play with one another in village in the streets. Have you heard the importance of culture skills. Some of benefits are of culture are mentioned below;

All You Need to Know About The Vibrant Culture of Pakistan.

  1. It teaches community equality. It means that each person has equal no one is big then other. Nothing is rich, nothing is poor each person is equal, love respect and towards each other.
  2. It encourages art forms with a wide range of audience. It creates the encourage in peoples.
  3. It treats all the culture and traditions of people equality.Tradations are very important for the peoples because her cannot forget his traditions.
  4. It creates the brotherhood and love respect between peoples.
  5. It helps the respecting and appreciating other culture.
  6. It allows people from different backgrounds to work together for a common goal.
  7. It supports people to contribute in ways that helps society in grow and flourish.


Culture is the characterizes of particular people or group based on their customs traditions, beliefs  language etc. Testing trending fashion hacks to see if they work we need to respect an appreciate  all cultures and tradition for better living.

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