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Travel from one place to another place is called travelling. Love for travelling is inherent in man. It grows out of his desire to know the unknown and see the unseen. The wander thirst lies deep in the human heart. And so man has remained ever a traveler. In ancient times, scholars and students undertook perilous journey to teach and learn new things. Books were then very rare.  Knowledge remained confined a particular place. Travelling  was naturally essential to learning. People from different countries travel to Rome and Athens to further the cause of education. Travel To Arizona ||Arizona Tourism

Travelling is needed a great educator

Travelling is needed a great educator. The social political, economic or a geographical condition of a country is best learnt by paying a visit to that country. By bringing him in contact with new leads new peoples and new systems. Travelling immensely educate and devolpsthe mind of a man. investopedia No book could have taught to him so many things in so clear a way. Travelling is the best teacher of life to teach us lessons. A close understanding between different nations of the world is necessary. Travelling can render here great service and bring different races and nations closer. Travelling should never be taken as a mere pastime. It is an index hauntable fountain of knowledge and wisdom. It acts ever as a bright lamp of knowledge. Travel To Arizona ||Arizona Tourism This lamp of knowledge tears away the veil of darkness. It fosters human understanding.


England is  a very   beautiful  country. The name of England is derived from the old English name Englander which means land of angles. England is a very small country with a huge population. Travel To Arizona ||Arizona Tourism This report will tell you some features and facts about this country. I will be talking about its people, it’s government, it’s industry, it’s resources, it’s land, and finally it’s religion.

The reason I said England has a big population is because they have about 47,505,000 people living there. The numbers speak for themselves. Most of England’s population is descendants of the original inhabitants. There are Saxons, Angles, Jutes, Scandinavians, Norman French, Scots, Welsh, and Irish. Now commonwealth immigrants are coming from southern Asia. Since there are so many different kinds of people there has been a lot of fighting between them.


England economy is very strong because of an excellent school system. Their school system is much like ours except they only have to attend school from ages 5 through 16. Although they don’t go to school as long as us they learn things at a faster rate and school involves harder work. The English also play sports. They are very good at soccer Rugby and cricket. If you don’t know what cricket is its kind of a mix between bowling and baseball. England’s government also has a few similarities with ours. Even though there government is a monarchy and ours is a republic. Their current leader is Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen of England is more of a symbol than a ruler. The actual ruler is a cabinet of people. The head of the cabinet is the Prime Minister.

England also has a law making body which passes all the laws

England also has a law making body, which passes all the laws. They are like our congress. The capital of England is London and the government buildings are located in a region of London call Westminster.The center of England’s industry is based on its coal mining and natural gases. They also do things with nuclear energy. Although all these things make England most of its money agriculture and fishing does bring in some doe. They produce milk and other dairy products, and they farm vegetables and meat. Since England is an island there is a lot of water to fish so they have an abundance of resources in the ocean.Speaking of resources England has three main minerals coal, iron ore, and petroleum. As I said up in my last paragraph England gets a lot of seafood.


The main ports are in Liverpool, Hull and Bristle. There aren’t many places. The angles  were one of the Germanic  tribes that settled in great. The peoples of England is very beautiful an d very smart. Flag represents the ST Georges cross. Over in England there is always a local pub. Most people go on there holidays to England. In England the weather has been lovely for the past few summers. England is 3 times smaller than japan. Big ben is 2.28 meters tall 7 feet 6 inches and 2.7 meters wide  And 9 feet.


  • Primarily known as a city full of British intellect and architecture ,Cambridge is home to some of oldest colleges in England , including the grand 16th century gothic kings college chapel , and the elegant Tudor trinity college. this place is very beautiful in England. Rowing down the river whilst sipping a Pimm’s or two is a great way to see the city.
  • you cannot visit England without taking a trip of Stonehenge. The stone circle is one of the oldest mountains in Europe , dating back to the late Neolithic age, around 3000BC. Now a UNESCO world heritage site you can walk in the footsteps of your Neolithic ancestors and explore the ancient landscape whorl class exhibition and visitors cantors. You can give it a go on over London explore trip we’ll take you there for the day to learnt about the history of Stonehenge, followed by a trip to beautiful Bath also on this list.
  • Bath is situated in north East some rest in the united kingdom. Bath is home to some of the most remarkable Georgian architecture in the world. This beautiful town in the united kingdom is filled with creatively uniqueness. and style which makes it an ideal spot for romantic breaks a foodies getaway to explore new cuisine and short fun holidays. Visitors can take a tour of a beautifully preserved. Great bath soak themselves in the rooftop spa pool and pay a visit to the potency Bridge for shopping.
  • Coventry on the banks of the river Sherburne is located in the West Midlands region of England and dates back to the Roman era. Among the big cities of the United Kingdom, Coventry was awarded the travelers insurance UK City of Culture in 2021. The legendary sporting city is a bewitching culmination of the natural and the artificial, and the traditional and the modern. Find glimpses of the city’s centuries-old past as you walk through the modern concrete jungle that brings sports and culture together in an unforgettable mix.
  • Bristol is a thriving coastal city in the southwest of England spanning the river Avon. Its old city center port thr harbourside,is at the present time a popular culture hub where M shed museum highlights local social and industrial history restaurants, boutiques, and culture institutions such as modern art museum. Bristol is a busting and colorful city known as its innovative architectural marvels such as Banksy’s.

These are some places which is very  famous in England and many visitors go there and enjoy very much.


Travel is very important for our life. Travel To Arizona Arizona Tourism We should travel to beautiful countries and their most beautiful valleys to enjoy life so that we can check the conditions of life and faces every difficulty of life.

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